Filer Auction & Appraisal

  • Email Program Now Available

Interested in updates on when new auctions are scheduled and the latest info? We now have an email list available. All you have to do is go to the main page, fill out the form with your name and email, and than select whether you wish to receive emails for auction updates in Wisconsin, Illinois, or both. You'll be emailed updates on scheduling, any changes, and sent a reminder a week before and the day before the auction.

  • Look Who's Now on Twitter!

Want to keep up with the latest info on auctions being scheduled or be able to catch a reminder of an upcoming auction without having to sign up for our email list? You're still in luck, as Filer Auction is now on Twitter. Just look for @FilerAuction, click to follow and you're done! You'll than be able to see the latest info and be able to catch a reminder for upcoming auctions.